Here at Cars Repaired we have developed a reputation for quality and excellence in body repairs. You can be confident that you are leaving your car in good hands. We specialise in various types of repairs:

Smart Repairs

Ideal for those small scrapes and scuffs.  When the damage is only in a small area we can keep the costs down with a ‘smart repair.’  This is most commonly used for bumper corners or low down parts of the vehicle after minor collisions with kerbs etc.

Accident Repairs

If you’ve been involved in an accident let us take care of it for you.  We will provide you with a free no-obligation quote and help explain your options.  If an insurance claim is necessary then we can deal with your insurance company for you and try to take as much of the stress and hassle out of the process as possible.  Remember that despite what your insurance company may say, you are entitled to choose which garage you take your vehicle to.

Complete Resprays

Maybe you want a colour change, there seems to be damage on every panel, or you just want your pride and joy looking absolutely like new.  We will discuss the options with you and help you decide what you want done in line with your budget.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Nobody likes the look of scraped and scuffed wheels.  We can restore your wheels to their former glory.  We offer an on-site service, allowing for a quick turn around or a more comprehensive service where the wheels are sent away, coming back just like new.

Machine Polish

A machine polish is a great way to bring tired paintwork back to life.  Sometimes, when the damage is only minor, scratches can be removed this way, avoiding paintwork altogether, and saving you money.

Paint Protection

In conjunction with a full machine polish we highly recommend paint protection.  This helps protect against bird muck and scratches from branches etc.  A great way to keep your new paintwork staying new for longer.

Classic Car Restoration

If you have a classic car then we can help you restore it.  We know that everyone has a different budget so we work with you to help you decide what you can afford and how we can best help you get your classic car back to its former glory.

Insurance Repairs

Remember if you are involved in an accident come and visit us for a free quote. We can speak to your insurance company for you, take away the stress and help things progress quickly.