For your Motorhome & Caravan

Motorhomes Repaired is a family run business providing motorhome and caravan services of all kinds, Motorhomes Repaired is your ‘One Stop Shop’ for motorhomes and caravans. By having everything in one easy to access location we aim to take the stress and hassle out of maintaining your motorhome or caravan so that you can do what you bought it for, enjoy it.

We take pride in Quality Repairs

Trading for over 15 years now in the heart of Kent Motorhomes Repaired has built a good reputation for body repairs on cars and motorhomes. Beginning as a small company repairing cars and vans Bentleys began to specialise in motorhome body repairs. The business has naturally evolved to include other motorhome services taking on the name Motorhomes Repaired. With the addition of our accessory shop, Shop4Motorhomes, we can provide everything that most motorhome and caravan customers could ever need for their vehicle.

The team that has now been formed has a huge depth of experience in the different areas of our business enabling us to bring you quality and excellence in all that we do. As we go forward you can rest assured that the same level of work that you have received from us in the past will be given again and again.

We Can Repair it

We have over 20 years experience in spraying vehicles and a passion for quality and excellence in body repair over many years.