Bodywork Repairs

Scuffs & Scrapes

With the large size of motorhomes and caravans it is so easy to misjudge distances or the space required to turn around. If you have damaged your vehicle then we have the space and expertise to put it right.

Alloy wheel refurbishment

Nobody likes the look of scraped and scuffed wheels. We can restore your wheels to their former glory. We offer an on-site service, allowing for a quick turn around or a more comprehensive service where the wheels are sent away, coming back just like new.

Machine Polish & Paint Protection

We recommend that every two years you paint protect your vehicle. This process protects against the elements, light scratches (from branches etc.) and is also helpful against bird muck. The process includes a machine polish which will bring life back to your motorhome if it is starting to look a little tired.

Decal Replacement

Often after several years of enjoyment your motorhome or caravan can start to look a little tired. This can often be easily remedied by replacing the decals around the vehicle, which tend to suffer from fading in the sunlight. This can be particularly effective when combined with paint protection.

Insurance Repairs

Remember if you are involved in an accident come and visit us for a free quote. We can speak to your insurance company for you, take away the stress and help things progress quickly.