Mechanical Service


We all need one every year. We can take care of it for you at the same time as your other annual servicing.

Main Service

Keeping your vehicle in good working order is always important. We recommend a service every year to check the essential mechanical components of the vehicle (of course we also recommend a habitation service for the living components of the vehicle).

Interim Service

For those customers who do not do a very high mileage we offer an interim service on alternate years. This is less comprehensive than the main service but maintains the central key parts of the engine. We would always recommend a main service the next year.

Cam belt change

The last thing that you want is for your cam belt to snap when you are miles from home or even abroad. Having it changed at its scheduled time gives you piece of mind.

We can also look at any mechanical faults that you may have, not just servicing. If you hear a knocking noise or have a fluid leak, we will take a look for you.