Habitation Repairs

Damp repairs

Unfortunately a common problem that people come across with motorhomes and caravans, it is always cheaper to tackle it sooner rather than later. If you think you have found damp we recommend getting it checked immediately as any delay can prove very expensive.

Gas repairs

When it comes to gas nobody wants to take risks. If there is something wrong with your gas system let us fix it for you.

Electrical repairs

As the vehicles become more full of gadgets the knowledge requirements keep growing. Fortunately we have the expertise to deal with all electrical issues from batteries losing charge to circuit boards needing to be replaced.

General Repairs

From leaking taps to broken fridges, bring it to us and we’ll help get all those little things sorted out.

Insurance Repairs

Remember if you are involved in an accident come and visit us for a free quote. We can speak to your insurance company for you, take away the stress and help things progress quickly.